Why you are a liar

Do you keep saying there is something you’d like to change, and it’s something within your physical power to change? Something that other people seem to have taken control of, but you seemingly can’t?

If so, […]

How do you set your mind?

It’s been said that a person can change the whole world if they can truly set their mind to it. But how do you set your mind?

Because it’s your mind to use but it didn’t […]

Just Step

Well I’ve got some bad news and I’ve got some good news. The good news is that people can change their lives in incredible ways.

Helen Keller was struck deaf and blind as a toddler in […]

How many “yous” are you?

You might be surprised.

It seems like a silly question. After all, “I am me, and that is all there is” seems to sum it up quite nicely. But stop for a moment, and think of […]

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