Listen to Ken’s latest appearance on Sam Crowley’s “Every Day is Saturday” podcast,
where he talks about your Confidence Formula.


Confidence is the belief in yourself or your abilities. In helping people over the last 20 years if I had to say what was the common thread that everyone got from working with me it would be confidence. Over time it has become my specialty.


What does confidence mean to you? Do you consider yourself confident? Is there an area of your life where your confidence is lacking?


Many people will tell me they don’t feel confident in any aspect of their life. Those people are very surprised to hear me tell them that they are liars. Because they are very confident in many areas of their life they are confident in their inabilities to achieve the outcome that they want.


I am living proof of learning how to be confident.  Growing up skinny, acne ridden, full of allergies, and clinically depressed, I was oddly enough not the most confident person. I had to learn how to be confident.


Because a lack of confidence will keep you from achieving anything you put your mind to, it’s that simple. Think about it if you don’t believe that you can do something- how will you possibly do it?


Here’s the funny thing no matter how successful someone is almost invariably when I say are you confident in every aspect of your life they will tell me no.


Confidence is more than a belief it’s also a habit, a way you walk through the world. And it can be learned.

The Anti-P

If you think a lack of confidence is holding you back in any area of your life, then I can help.