So What Do You Want to Change this Year?

Hypnotherapy and Mind Training are powerful methods of making major changes in your life. If you train your mind correctly you can change almost any aspect of yourself. If you feel stuck, there is hope. Step out of your stress, step into your confidence!

Areas of Help
  • Creativity

  • Diet & Nutrition

  • Exercise

  • Goal Achievement

  • Insecurities

  • Interview Anxiety

  • Phobias & Fears

  • Personal Development

  • Public Speaking

  • Relaxation

  • Self Assertiveness

  • Self Confidence

  • Self Improvement

  • Stress Management

  • Sports Performance

  • Tension Headaches

  • Weight Management

  • Work Motivation


The effects of excess weight on health and self-esteem are well documented. Whether you’ve been struggling with weight problems your whole life, or simply want to lose those holiday pounds, this seminar is for you.

During this seminar you will learn how to reprogram your mind and in doing so change the way you view food, exercise, and your body, in a way that will help you shed the pounds easily and quickly. Most importantly, you are learning to use your mind to affect her body instead of engaging in some unhealthy fad diet. Because it’s not really about getting thin it’s about getting healthy.


Stress in the workplace is something everyone is talking about. The effects of stress on health and productivity of your employees is well-documented. With this seminar you can help your employees to be more productive and happier in their jobs and their lives.

When the body is under stress it begins to suffer and when the mind is under stress begins to become less effective. Reducing workplace stress is one of the major concerns of HR directors across the country. Bringing in this cutting edge program is one of the single best things you can do to help fight the stress epidemic.


Even in 2015 smoking is one of the major preventable causes of death amongst adults in the United States.

In this seminar Ken Dubner, a certified behavioral hypnotherapist, will take your employees through a program designed to help them quit smoking permanently, easily, and effectively. The benefits to your company in terms of employee health, absenteeism, and health insurance are enormous. The benefits to your employees are life-changing.